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CryptoBank runs on a blockchain therefore the decentralized and distributed platform allows customers to manage cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies while maintaining financial privacy at the highest level.

Cryptobank provides its customers anonymous multi-currency non-custodial wallets with the main functions of a bank account and provides them with encrypted accounts that allow customers to carry out any type of FIAT currency transaction and cryptocurrency transactions in a completely anonymous way.

Where The Banking World
Meet The Crypto World

  • Account opening allows you to have banks accounts in 10 currencies
  • Convert your balances in more than 40 currencies
  • It allows you to make national and international transfers
  • Custody of funds and sending of money in more than 40 FIAT currencies
  • Withdraw and send money to/from any global bank account even if not held in your name
  • The bank account allows the capital exportation abroad in a 100% legally avoiding international transfers
  • From your account you can make Forex of FIAT currencies
  • The account allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies or buy and sell cryptocurrencies thanks to the integrated trade-off platform

Revolutionary system with a
crypto trade-off platform integrated

  • Trade-off platform
  • Shared order book
  • Distributed & decentralized
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Fiat
  • Sending and withdrawing crypto earnings to any current account, including those not in your name, or deposit them on your VISA card
  • Make purchases around the world with your cryptocurrencies

The Bank Of The Future

Opening a multi-currency encrypted current account on our platform requires only an email and a password without any KYC procedure, thus guaranteeing maximum protection of privacy for each FIAT or crypto transaction carried out.

The First Debit Card
that protects the anonymity
of your purchases

Our virtual or physical VISA debit cards are perfect for those who want to protect their financial privacy and make purchases with discretion

Pay comfortably everywhere in the world keeping your privacy safe
Withdraw your funds from any country, in a confidential way, with your physical card
Convert your cryptocurrencies into FIAT currency for use them with your card
Compatible with Google Pay Apple Pay and others

Create Your Passive Income
With Our Affiliate Campaign

Each account has a personal referral link (with a referral code) you just need to share your referral link and allow your contacts to register on the platform using it.

You will be rewarded for every single FIAT and crypto buy & sell transaction made by those who signed up using your personal referral link.

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Instant payments between all
users of LibertyBank

With instant payments, the money is available in seconds in the recipient's account, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Receive/send/request instant payments using Wallet to wallet method.


100% Secure LibertyBank

Your funds are protected by global banks, our clients' funds are fully deposited in escrow accounts at the Cayman islands National Bank.

To give total security to our customers, only the account holder will have access to the operation of the account as due to the banking laws of the Cayman country concerning numbered bearer accounts, Cayman Financial Group and LibertyBank are not allowed to make any type of investment or money management using client funds, leaving the capital available to clients in the FIAT corresponding to the LibertyBank account balance.

LibertyBank, being part of the Cayman Financial Group circuit, offers customers a great guarantee, as any problem that may arise, the funds will always be accessible at another institution in the Cayman Financial Group circuit.